Thumbnail Pictures Pvt. Ltd. is a production company providing film production for clients and advertising agencies since 2008. Our directors and producers are all highly experienced professionals. Our crew comprises of highly skilled individuals from the film industry, ranging from award winning cinematographers and directors.

With a decade of experience in making commercials, covering animation and live action, we provide a full-fledged production support to our clients and brands across India and across the world. We have produced over 200 commercials.

Although our primary focus has been production of advertising films and corporate communications, we also have an ongoing passion for producing and developing projects for cinema. We have recently produced our first Hindi feature film titled ‘Hope aur Hum’ that is written and directed by our Founder/Director Sudip Bandyopadhyay.

Our goal is to provide world class production value. Therefore we have facilities of shooting, post production and VFX across the globe.


Our founders, director-producer duo Sudip and Samira Bandyopadhyay started Thumbnail Pictures Pvt. Ltd. a film production company back 2008.

While most filmmakers watch films, Sudip Bandyopadhyay is a keen observer of people and their quirks. He appreciates beauty in little things, which makes him a master at bringing alive nuances in the characters he creates.

While Samira, a graduate in Graphic Design, an advertising Art Director by training, a designer by instinct, Samira is a filmmaker and film producer by choice. She is left brain meets right brain. She is the cool, problem-solving mind every ambitious film project needs.

Their motto is to do good work and in the process ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

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